Leadership: What employers looking for today

Hoy, lunes, 9 de octubre el Sr. Jim MacPhee, Vicepresidente de Atracciones de la Compañía Walt Disney World nos presentó el tema: Leadership: What employers looking for today. En esta reunión almuerzo estuvieron presentes los Directores de los Departamentos Académicos, Decanos Asociados, algunos Auxiliares y  Director del CID.

Además se nos presentaron las oportunidades para los estudiantes en el Disney College Program y el programa de Internships de la compañía Disney.


Para ver más fotos orpima aquí.

Algunos vídeos cortos de la actividad:

Jim Introduction

More opportunities

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One Response to Leadership: What employers looking for today

  1. Moises Orengo-Aviles says:

    From Jim:
    Dr. Moises Orengo-Aviles,

    Thank you for the great documentation on our exciting visit to UPRM. I want to especially thank you for your passion and support of the Walt Disney World College Program in establishing goals for each of your respective academic disciplines. As we discussed, I am looking forward to meeting your team over the next month and talking further about Walt Disney World opportunities. In the meantime, if I can be of any assistance to you or your staff please don’t hesitate to call.


    Jim MacPhee
    Vice President
    Park Operations Line of Business
    Walt Disney World

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