Top 10 reasons to support the Arecibo Observatory

  Dr. Héctor Jiménez, Head of the Department of Physics at UPR-Mayagüez, share with us the Top 10 reasons to keep the Arecibo Observatory. Please share this list, and our support for the Observatory, with your colleagues and friends.

Top Ten Reasons why Arecibo is Important to UPR

10. By increasing the general public’s awareness of science, Arecibo has a positive influence in the development of Puerto Rico.
9. Arecibo puts Puerto Rico, and by association UPR, in the scientific map.
8. Arecibo makes big science visible to Puerto Rican school children. Thousands of them visit every year.
7. Arecibo provides research opportunities to our university students. Examples: summer interns in ionospheric research, Ph.D. Thesis in Civil Engineering about observatory’s structural stability during an
6. We do science at the Observatory; Prof. Novakowski, of Physics, studies pulsars at Arecibo, Prof. Mario Ierkic, of EE, wants to study atmospheric gravity waves at the Observatory.
5. We want to do more science at Arecibo. The Physics Department has been actively searching for a radioastronomer to fill a faculty position (see Physics Today classifieds).
4. Our Physics Department has been working on a Ph.D. program proposal where astrophysics and radioastronomy play a big part.
3. Arecibo is one of the biggest motivators for young Puerto
Rican students to choose a career in physics. One such student, Emily Alicea, is finishing her Ph.D. in astronomy at Penn. State.
2. We want to significantly increase the ties between Arecibo,
Cornell, and UPRM. Cornell Ph.D., José Rosado of EE, is actively working towards that goal in collaboration with many of us.
1. As scientists and citizens we are awed and inspired by the
science that comes from the Observatory. It would be a sad day and a great loss to all, if Arecibo ever closed.

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2 Responses to Top 10 reasons to support the Arecibo Observatory

  1. WestEd Cohort 6 Puerto Rico says:

    Dr. Juan G. González Lagoa
    Director of Resource Center for Science and Engineering
    Physics Building 231

    The Arecibo Observatory is a world monument pointing to the stars. Numerous universities from around the world would love to have such a wonderful research tool yet we have it in our back yard and we seem to take it for granted. The University of Puerto Rico should take a lead, establish MOU’s with all those universities, and keep the Observatory operating for years to come. I am all for it, you have my support.

    Juan G. Gonzalez

  2. Jonathan Friedman says:

    I am 100% behind Juan’s statement. Puerto Rico has either taken the Arecibo Observatory for granted, or figured that, because it is a federally-owned facility operated by Cornell, it is somehow inaccessible to Puerto Rican researchers. This could not be further from the truth. As for MOUs, these already exist, as they were created in the 1990s. These need to be renewed, particularly in light of recent events.

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