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With many states and districts moving towards the 1:1 initiative, the question becomes, “How do we make this more cost effective for our school?” Buying personal computers for each student is expensive and difficult to maintain. Creating your own system can bog down your server and cannot be accessed outside of school due to firewall protections. So what is the best solution? School Web Lockers.

School Web Lockers are web-based storage “lockers” for users to store school related files that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Each student is given 100MB of storage while teachers and administrators get 1GB. Many schools are now finding these lockers an excellent solution. Terri Purcell of Orinda Intermediate School had this to say, “OIS loves School Web Lockers! This service allows students to seamlessly use technology for school projects. They start their work at school and stash it in their web locker to finish at home. Students are much more productive now. Teachers are using their Turn in Homework folder for students to upload their multimedia presentations, which makes it easy for teachers to grade them, as well as for students to access them for presentation to a group.”

Students are constantly struggling with a place to store files. Most school libraries erase all files stored on the computer at the end of the day, and many schools have banned email from their server. With School Web Lockers, users don’t have to worry about losing or breaking disks or disk space and compatibility. Barbara Forster, a librarian at Dana High School, says, “School Web Lockers has solved the problem of homework and data storage in a way that allows students to access their work from any Internet-connected computer.”

School Web Lockers is a user-friendly secure network. It makes managing computers easier, there’s no user administration, all outside hosting, and no system administration. Web Lockers Administrators are monitoring these sites daily making sure they are being used appropriately. School officials also have access to everything users upload and say.

This service really cuts down on the use of paper. A teacher can simply upload one document and post it in every student’s locker instead of making some 30 copies of the same assignment. In turn, students can complete the assignment on the computer and upload the document into the homework due folder, which is then sent directly to the teacher. Files never override each other, so if 20 students turn in an assignment called homework1, all 20 files will appear in the teacher’s locker as homework1. Each document has the user’s name next to it and the date it was uploaded. It’s a paperless work of art.

For more information, visit us at or call (858) 874-0464 to talk to a representative.

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