Broadcast Your Own Live Video Channel On Yahoo

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Who wants to be famous?   Oh of course you do.   You’d be lying if you said you didn’t stand in front of the mirror when you were younger with the hairbrush as your microphone mouthing the words to Rick Astley or Shaking Stevens.   We all have visions of being a pop star or a TV personality.   We all want to be someone better than we really are.   That’s human nature.

The good news is that if you have a webcam, a fairly fast internet connection and some spare time on your hands, Yahoo gives you the chance to set up a free live video channel on the net and the ability for others to view your channel.

The end results vary a great deal but hey that’s the beauty of the internet.   Everyone on Yahoo Live are amateurs and unprofessional so you’re going to see a mixture of both good and bad which also means you get to see real people, not actors.   Think of it as American Idol online.

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